Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Smart Garbage Can Places Amazon Orders Based On Your Trash

[ed. Hallelujah, I've been waiting for this all my life. Are we living in an age of wonder, or what?]

Amazon has continually tried to make ordering easier, especially when it comes to household items that people generally replace after using.

The company lets people order via its Echo voice assistant and it has hundreds of companies in its Dash replenishment program. The first iteration of that effort has been single-brand buttons that people put in the locations where they use the item. One push and the item is reordered through Amazon. For example, a person may have a Tide Dash button near his or her washing machine and one tied to a favorite cereal in the pantry.

Dash, however, is not solely linked to devices programmed by Amazon. The company has a number of APIs (essentially a piece of software allowing third parties access to the technology) that will bring Dash to a whole new range of products. At the core of all of them is the idea that it will make ordering from Amazon easier or even automated.

Now, a number of new companies have joined Amazon's automated replenishment program. One of those new partners makes a device to attach to your trash can that, with your help, looks at what you throw away in order to reorder those items for you.

What is a smart trash can?

GeniCan, which starts at $124.99, is an add-on sensor for trash cans. The device, which ships in January, is programmable. People simply scan the bar code of any product they want added to their replenishment list. As the smart-trash-can owner throws an item away, he or she simply needs to run the bar code past the in-can scanner to have it reordered. Or, if there is no bar code, you can add an item to your list by speaking to the machine. If you merely throw the item in the trash, it won't be added to the shopping list.

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